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Keep in touch with Everyone! [DISCORD- FREE VOIP/CHAT]



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Post Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:45 pm

Keep in touch with Everyone! [DISCORD- FREE VOIP/CHAT]

I've seen alot of topics around with talk about several chat program or VOIP.

such as:

I would like to introduce to you the, https://discordapp.com/

Discord is a very usefull program where you can host free chat rooms with free VOIP with a selection of hosting area's such as the US or the EU.
This program is being used alot now a days by games and community's a like, You can adjust rights and create new roles for the community

Personaly I think this could help us keep the game alive a little while longer :D

It does not only offer free VOIP and chat but it also offers the ability to connect your android device to discord, to keep in touch with the latest news, This doesn't mean that your phone is getting spammed by every message that has been enterd!
You can simply disable these options for each individual channel if you choose so.
Once you have installed the application on your device you will need this link to join the server that I created already: https://discord.gg/b4qE9NG
everyone should make use of this program, it is very easy to use and realy easy to keep in touch with everyone els and totaly free of charge which means no more costs for VOIP!

You Can enter the discord without a registerd account, I have disabled this option for now, but I might enable it later, so try and register anyway

For all members of the tribes team such as HighDive/Fireant/Dice-Rolla/Oak/Cobra and others full acces rights for the discord can be given

Available for:
* Mac
* Windows
* Android
* And soon Linux

I hope everyone wll take the opportunity to register for discord and starts using this free program too!
The discord link is set to never expire and everyone is free to use it whenever they want, 100% up-time!

Yours truly,


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Post Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:28 pm

Re: Keep in touch with Everyone! [DISCORD- FREE VOIP/CHAT]

I know this is an old post but is there still a Discord in use for Tribes? Would like to talk with old Tribals. Thanks.
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